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Nov 4, 2012 8:00am EST
including afghanistan. while the guard is part of the air force, units -- units in each state are under the command of governors and so the guards relationship with the active duty force can sometimes be strained. that's been the case since february when the air force said that of 9,900 proposed personnel cuts, 5100 would come from the guard. a move that sparked a fire storm of protests on capitol hill. lawmakers governors and guard leaders accused the air force of failing to coordinate cuts they say fell disproportionately on citizen airmen and in protest the congress prohibited the air force from executing $9 billion in cuts freezing the services ability to shed personnel to meet targets for the budget. the new chief of staff general mark welsh on the show a few weeks ago said that one of his top priorities is to improve the relationship and regain control of his budget. joining us today to talk about the state of the relationship and the future is the director of the air national guard, lieutenant general "bud" wyatt. sir, welcome to the program. >> thanks, great to be here. >>
Nov 24, 2012 2:30am PST
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Nov 16, 2012 2:30am PST
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Nov 26, 2012 4:00pm PST funding for this program is provided by... [ horn honks ] narrator: air pollution -- we can't always see it, but its effects can be deadly. to find ways to reduce its impact, we need to know exactly what pollutants are emitted and how they change as they travel through the atmosphere. at this point, we primarily have sulfate particles. using cutting-edge instruments, aerodyne research can detect tiny concentrations of pollutants in real time, tracking them back to their sources and showing how they evolve hour by hour under the effects of sunlight and weather. in mexico city, luisa molina is leading a group of over 450 scientists in the most comprehensive study ever conducted of one city's air emissions. sampling its plume of pollutants from cradle to grave, the team hopes to learn how the city's pollution affects the surrounding regions and even the global climate. today, the rapid increase of population and industrialization is causing increasing concerns about air pollution. both researchers hope to discover what's causing the most damage and find ways to reduce
Nov 5, 2012 1:00am PST
. we have air. we have heat. we have a fire going. if i went in like that what did i just do? >> smoth erred it. simple; right . remember the hot water heater, we say don't store gasoline in your garage? so, gasoline gives out vapors, if we heat this up. not that you have to heat the gasoline. if you store gasoline near a hot water heater the vapors alone will catch fire. the vapors travel and caught. you don't have to actually light something like a candle, you don't actually have to touch something. we will add, more, make more effect, here. you got cherries jubilee. how do you put this out? [laughter]. put the lid? what if you don't have a lid? cookie sheet. >> very good. that's a good one. cover the thing, take it off the burner. take it off. do i immediately open it again? no. you already put it out leave it alone and whether or not it is the cheapest fire extinguisher you can buy? baking soda. have a couple boxes of baking soda, near the stove. cut the top off so it's ready to go. you get the box and, boom, dump it on there. you don't stir is around. you smoth erred it,
Nov 26, 2012 1:00am PST
of the injury and bleeding to death or having their air way blocked or some unrecognized medical problem and this is the group we're going to help, and the third is die afterwards from infectionsoir things that go wrong with the recovery process. we can help by delivering prope first aid and keeping things clean but this isn't the target group and these are the people to be aware of, in the middle and people are talking about blood and this brings up the concept of res curer protection. gloves, eye protection, and masks and sanitation and hand washing and who among us don't have a nick or a cut on their hand and are you going to touch someone's blood and your in tac skin will protect you from most ilknows. however, if you have a cut on your hand you have a path for infection to get inside of you and you want a pair of latex gloves -- several pairs of glo gloves that you can put on and change as you go from patient t patient hopefully and at least wash your hands and disinfect your hands between patient contacts and the eyes are like an open wound and path to get into your body an
Nov 17, 2012 5:30pm PST
, sunday. change. monday. tuesday. stormy pattern. notice where the bay air yeas. jet stream starting to move to the north. so just going to be a very interesting change. we see early next week. half of the bay area will see an ongoing chance of rain. north of san rafael. areas south of san francisco. may see temperatures approaching 70 by tuesday. hour by hour, temperatures tomorrow. 40s, 50s for the morning. just like today. looking at highs in the upper 50s. 60s. 3:00, 4:00. three day forecast out of the weekend. rain to start. mainly in the south bay. the rain transitions into the north bay. far north bay, monday. moving into the rest of the bay area tuesday evening. now the get away day. wednesday. looks look we are going to have to deal with rain. some of the places impacted if we get the rain coming back in. sfo for arriving flights. and the roadways looking wed for wednesday. thanksgiving day. friday, saturday. looks pretty good. so, the timing, worked out pretty well. except for wednesday. going to have rain, middle part of the week. thanksgiving holiday. day after. looks dry. o
Nov 16, 2012 11:00pm PST
next generation of air traffic control being tested here in the bay area. the investigative unit shows us why it could lead to the next generation of cyber terrorism, too. >>> also, south bay girl jumps into action to save her mother's life. their story is coming up. >>> plus, we'll update you on our breaking story. an officer grazed by a bullet after suspects go on a crime spree. we'll have the latest for you. >>> and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri. we're tracking the storm for tonight. it continues to move in with some heavier rain across the bay and even more rain for the south bay. not only that but another storm for this weekend which will likely stack up the travel delays. >>> we want to update you on our news. a crime spree, a police officer injured, and suspects on the loose. >> george kiriyama is working this story for us on the scene near the 101 tully exit in east san jose. what do we have? >> reporter: we just saw an armored truck drive in a few minutes ago. now we see a paramedic who has also arrived here. we're at ocala and daytona. san jose police looking for two s
Nov 10, 2012 11:00pm EST
. >> maryland state police says it will air reimbursed by the federal government for the troopers time working up north -- it will get reimbursed by the federal government for the troopers time working up north. >> we are having some temperature warm up here in time for veterans day. >> the official observance of veterans day is tomorrow. a lot of folks have monday off. we are lucky here. temperatures have been writing -- riding. a little bit of perspective. on veteran's day in 1987, there was a record snow. 11.5 interest in washington. in baltimore, we had 6 inches. so it is all possible. but not with the temperatures we will experience this year. from the seventh until today, temperatures rising. the 11th with the warmest day of the next bunch. then we start to fall again next week. >> i did not look at the right side. thank you. while we have had as weather for the last few days, it will start getting colder as we head into winter. bge and baltimore city officials hosted and energy assistance expo earlier today. reps from bge and the office of home energy program helped citizens app
FOX News
Nov 20, 2012 4:00pm PST
of the nation's biggest airports. filthy and potentially dangerous air inside the terminals. tonight the suspected cause and which airports the feds say are just plain nasty. but we begin with a fox urgent new explosions now in gaza after the secretary of state hillary clinton arrived in the middle east to try to prevent all-out war. live images coming from gaza city. if you watch closely, you can see the fires in the upper part of the screen and we've seen much more. so keep watching. this is the apparent aftermath of explosions that happened just a few minutes ago. israel has been launching air strikes for a week now as hamas militants fire rocketses into the country. egypt has president is leading the talks. earlier today, he said a truce could be hours away. that didn't happen. the attacks continue now on both sides of the border. earlier today in jerusalem, air sirens, ho mass militants say they fired a rocket at the holy city just as the u.n. secretary general was arriving there for truce talks. it's but the second time hamas targeted jerusalem during this conflict. it landed o
Nov 12, 2012 5:00pm EST
period, mostly sunny skies in bel air. that was the story throughout the day a gorgeous look day at weather. many have off for the veterans day holiday. as we look at mt. airy and a gorgeous view over summit ridge. mid-60s now. we're in the 70-degree range where temperatures were at their peak. now southerly winds holding temps up a bit tonight. the winds will turn west and northwest into the early part of the day tomorrow as a cold front gets in here and brings the cold air big time through the day tomorrow. there will also be plenty of wet weather activity around midnight and lingering into a good chunk of the day tomorrow. here's that line of rain pushing. 11:00, beginning to income on our western county's county, ho. as we push into the early commute time, rain on and off. could see a couple of waves through 6 a.m. in the morning. look for wet roads and possible rain. give yourself extra time for that morning drive. then we clear out by midday. by tomorrow evening we may seat sun. the difference would be cold air is arriving, temperatures dropping and it would be breezy. breezy
Nov 26, 2012 7:00pm PST
activists say the pilots have dropped one on a playground. they say the air strike killed ten children. opposition forces captured an air base on sunday near damascus. government troops responded with air attacks on towns around the bay. one fighter jet bombed the playground in a village east of the capital. video shows what appeared to be the shell of a cluster bomb and canisters of smaller bombs. cluster bombs scatter over a wide area increasing casualties. syrian officials have not signed the agreement. the international group human rights watch reported last month that government forces had used the bombs. government officials say they don't have such weapons. >>> some scientists warn only drastic cuts in emissions of greenhouse cases will save the environment. they're trying to come up with a new frame work to reduce emissions. representatives of developed and developing nations remain divided over how to move forward. >>> delegates are trying to figure out what to do after the protocol expires at the end of the year. the new frame work is supposed to come into force in 2020. >> w
Nov 17, 2012 8:30pm PST
but for workers, for their kids, for farmers and their kids, and it flows into the air and water and that's pretty substantial, you can advocate for local farmer's markets with locally grown pesticide foods, so there's some things you can do at the home, we're super lucky because almost every neighborhood in san francisco has a farmer's market, you can grow your own food, test your soil first, local cosmetic pesticide laws have passed in counties and municipalities to reduce the use of pesticides in parks and public areas and then really important is asking the environmental protection act si which is our federal agency that regulates pesticides to look at how chemicals affect breast development in route row and other developments to ensure that pesticides don't have that effect on breasts and mammary grands and animals and that's not happening right now, you would think we would test comb cal effects on breast tissue, generally not happen ining the way it needs to so that's a wonky solution but a super important one. >> [inaudible]. >> yes? >> you cannot really boil to kill it?
Nov 25, 2012 12:30pm PST
more efficient may reduce these pah's in our air and especially in urban areas reduce exposures to those compounds which is really pornts, so thinking about hybrid or electric, we're all lucky enough to take public transit and reduce those overall exposures or -- yeah? >> i believe so, is that true? yes, my science advisors, that's why they're here. >> [inaudible]. >> yeah. there are a lot of carcinogens in diesel exhaust, yeah. >> [inaudible]. >> well, you're still seeing an oil that combusts, some of them we know burn more cleanly than others but if it's combusting, you end up with productions of combustion, it may not be better for pollution on the other side, depending on how clean the air burns and that's a theme we end up talking about a fair bit unfortunately is that bio doesn't always mean it's safer, it can, it can definitely mane we're reducing destruction of greenhouse gases but it can still make bad things outs of good ingredients if you know what i mean, another outdoor thing is to reduce your reliance on household pesticides so the active ingredients can be of concern
Nov 28, 2012 2:00am PST
with an aggressive report of incidents, even with a 911 call of smoepk with land, air and ground attack. once fires become to a large enough scale we call mue tour aid, california lass a great mue tour aid system. i think it's looked at nationally because we have souch excellent cooperation with our cooperating agencies. once it reaches that point, the team will come in and assist the local jurisdiction to run that incident. when we start having multiple fires in a certain area, then we get into what we call area command. i think that provides the overview. >> i talked a little bit about mou's and relationships with the marines. maybe we can talk about how is the national guard and dod resources and capabilities integrated into the command and control at the fire and also the supporting ops centers whether it be the gac or other centers down there. maybe our military personnel can talk about that, or ray. >> it's important to note that we are the supporting effort to cal fire and we get called in when they are basically out of assets. we are working for cal fire, they are the inc
Nov 7, 2012 9:00am PST
reacted with carbon dioxide in the air, thus forming carbonic acid. this acid gradually dissolves limestone, especially along joints. if the groundwater eventually drains off, it will leave behind air-filled caverns. columns of rock build up inside these caverns. these formations are created by droplets of groundwater seeping into the caves. as each drop clings to the ceiling for a brief moment, enough evaporation takes place to precipitate a minute amount of calcium carbonate. over centuries, untold millions of such microscopic grains of rock will form stalactites above. and from the build-up of droplets that reach the floor below, stalagmites will form. in places where caves are still flooded, geologists can trace the flow of groundwater by releasing nontoxic dyes... that will ultimately reappear at the earth's surface in the form of springs and rivers. one reason geologists study groundwater is to learn how it moves beneath the earth's surface. the area in which the water accumulates is known as the saturated zone, and the layer above it-- the unsaturated zone. when a well is d
Nov 24, 2012 5:30am PST
helicopters in an air evacuation, we were able to go ahead and test that response system. we were able to send patients to 13 area hospitals through that air evacuation and we had over 23 participating hospitals in different scenarios that were participating. we had the state of hawaii was also able to process over 300 patients through their patient tracking system. so the hospitals were able to use the patients, actually the medical staff from their area hospitals to provide the number of patients that went to each hospital and that provided each hospital's own casualty scenario. again you see some of these pictures here, the military preparing these civilian patients for transfer. we even went as far as evacuating patients to maui the busses down there are the state of hawaii's bus evacuation system which are also used in evacuation. so this convenient tue, this vignette of hadr disaster exercise for hawaii also allowed us the opportunity for testing technology for that information sharing and interoperatability. apm was an online collaboration where we were able to share information an
FOX News
Nov 18, 2012 7:00am PST
questions about whether it will end. good to have you here. it's sheer terror as air raids sirens send people running for their lives in israel at militants target israel's homeland. israel's iron dome, the missile defense system, aimed at one rocket this morning. as benjamin netanyahu warns his country is ready to expand with thousands of troops gathering near the israel-gaza border awaiting a possible ground invasion. leland vitter is live with much more. >> reporter: this is very much a country on the brink of war, about 5 to 600 yards from my shoulder is the gaza border and we've seen tanks and army person nell carriers maneuvering and the palestinians are taking potshots around this position trying to see if they can't hit a israeli tank platoon. it's been a bloody day through the air war with rockets flying over our heads and the israelis coming in for air strikes on gaza. at least a dozen people killed inside the gaza strip. many of those civilians, including two kids and a dozen israelis injured from the rockets flying out. >> this is quite literally the tip of the israeli spee
Nov 9, 2012 5:00pm PST
we'll get hit with next. >> it's all going to be about the cold. rain moves on the and cold air is coming in, colder tonight than this morning. april 8th the last time we were below 41 degrees in oakland. these are your lows tonight. this is what you will get up to tomorrow morning if you walk the dog early. 35, 35 degrees in santa rosa. napa 35. fremont 43. even downtown san francisco dropping down to 45. so temperatures becoming more of an issue as rain becomes less of an issue. just a few showers offshore right now and that's it. we did have stuff falling from the sky earlier this morning and in some select spots, it was snow. one of those spots mount diablo. that's where roberta gonzales is live tonight. good afternoon. >> reporter: hi, paul. official sundown is at 5:02. it's occurring behind me as we speak. i'm at 2900 feet atop mount diablo tonight. this is where we saw light snow this morning according to chopper 5 this morning high in the sky. since then the snow has allowed to melt as the temperature here actually did top off right around 40 degrees. but coming up at 6:00
Nov 15, 2012 5:00am EST
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Nov 1, 2012 6:00pm PDT
a little to the north. it's that dry warm northwest flow of air that will be with us for four or five days and many of you inland will be in the 80s coming up on saturday, sunday, monday perhaps even election day. tomorrow we begin the warmup process. livermore 72. downtown san francisco chilly 64. mountain view 69. concord up to 70. also 70 for your friday for santa rosa and napa. make the plans to get outside this weekend. if you are a golfer please try to play 18 holes. sunshine over the weekend approaching 80 inland on sunday mid-70s near the bay. monday election day sunny and warm just a little cooler on wednesday. and we'll begin a more significant cooldown thursday of next week. it's all about the sunshine for the next seven days. that's your cbs 5 forecast. >> thank you. >>> dna technology that can catch metal thieves. how it works and why it's not being used in the bay area. >> the jersey shore in ruins from sandy. a look at the catastrophe, the clean-up and why storm victims are turning on each other. ,, ,, ,,,,,,,, owner in san francisco. some und bronze >>> thomas the
Nov 17, 2012 6:30am PST
about air ops and moving air resources around, how do we ensure that we have that interoperatability that we discussed so much yesterday between the different components. >> can you hear me now? perfect. it all begins with preplanning and strategic planning ahead of time. how our agreements at a local level were born was out of the 2003 cedar fire. the cedar fire was about 280,000 acres. as an example, i have the dubious distinction of being one of the first chief officers at the scene of that incident. just to give you an idea, at peak the cedar fire was burning 30,000 acres an hour. so that's about 9 acres a second. so something probably as large as this ship in one second. so after post-cedar fire, we recognized the navy had assets and the marine had assetness region that we should capitalize on, so i was tasked by my chief to organize a local letter of agreement so that we could, with the objective, essentially, was to streamline access to dods assets in rapid fashion and by rapid i mean within hours. if we're dealing with the level of incident that i just described, the cedar fi
Nov 30, 2012 7:00am PST
that helps provide a lot of air resources and seasonal fire fighters is at the point at the end of that season where every pay period they have to justify keeping those air aviation contracts in place. when you come to the end of the season like this, they are going to have to start taking reductions on the rest of the year for those air tankers, those helicopters and the seasonal fire fighters. when you talk to kim sakaras back there, the cold front that is about to hit us up here means hot dry winds in state of california. that fact is no stranger to people here on the panel. it doesn't take much to fan hot, dry vegetation that has been soaking in that hot sun. when i say soaking, it means it gets the moisture level so low where it's kindling in the forest. you have more people moving in, more vegetation growing, it's a recipe for nature trying to do its thing and people in the way. so with this, it takes a lot of support whether we're talking about the fire lines, behind the fire lines or been above the fire lines to provide that support. it takes a whole mix of people whether i
Nov 4, 2012 11:00pm EST
include the district or southern maryland. wycombe tomorrow morning, a definite chill in the air. be in thees will 30's. sunrise will be just around 6:40 a.m. coming up, will have details of election dayfor anotherpotential for storm in just a few minutes. in the meantime, new the new york is to. find this help missing senior? ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine the pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with qualifying pnc performance select checking account and earn 75% more than cards earning 1% cash back on almost everything. we are learning tonight about horrible tragedy at the zoo. the 2-year-old boy who died was lifted to a railing by his get a bettercould look. the boy fell into the enclosure mauled by the animals. know if hethey don't from the fallen from the attack from the animals. >> police investors can need your help finding a missing senior. show you her picture appeared she was last seen 4:30 p.m. this afternoon in northwest washington. the 72-year-old was supposed to church earlier in day. thousands of parents in county are demanding a change. want the school day to for hi
Nov 18, 2012 4:00am PST
that another israeli air strike could hit at any time. cnn senior international correspondent sara sidner joins me live from gaza city. sara, we've talked a lot about the air strikes, but is it just the air strikes coming from the warplanes hitting this city? >> reporter: no. there are strikes coming from the israeli naval ships that are just off the coast of gaza. and as you know, gaza is just a strip along the mediterranean. last night we heard bang after bang. it was amazingly loud, loud enough to keep us up all night. we're standing outside down the street from our office because we cannot get to our office at this point in time. we're being told to stop because there's a building just behind me, and i'm going to move out of my way so you can see it. you see that big building that's sand-colored? that's the official hamas television station and it was hit last night in a targeted air strooik. the journalists inside. several were hurt. one was hurt bad enough he may lose his leg. we have been told they were called. at some point the journalists inside, including some internation
Nov 16, 2012 6:30am PST
different cd's from the local jazz community. this song we're going to do is an air called the brown-haired girl. when i was recording, when i was fortunate to be able to record bridge across the blue, i was telling them i got this air, i got it off the chieftan's album, i'm going to do it on the electric base. he looked at me and said, you're nuts. people are going to go crazy but if you can do it, i'll help you. he gave me this book of airs and went, figure it out, figure it out. it never quite jelled on the base but when hillary called today, i started to think more about the cedar flute. i said, i wonder if this particular air can fit? well, here we go. (instrumental music). >> thank you very much. i guess what i want to say about an arrangement like that is that it's not meant to use the cedar flute as a bit of exotica, but what the panelists have been speaking about. it's the use of all of it together is a way of trying to address, hopefully not in a way that homogenizing anything, hopefully not in a way that takes anything away from any of the traditions incorporated within it
Nov 8, 2012 4:30am PST
video, the fire chief says the hotel called this for an air quality check around 12:30 this morning. when the fire crews got out here, high levels of carbon monoxide were detected, everyone was told to get out of their rooms. the hotel was at or near capacity, hundreds of people. the problem has been identified as a faulty boiller. the problem was getting everyone out. >> we were sleep -- [ inaudible ] there was an emergency [ inaudible ] >> reporter: talking to county fire just a few minutes ago. some people if they have flights are being allowed to go back into their rooms, pack tear stuff and leave. as far as going back into their rooms that process has not begun yet. hundreds out of the hotel. many allowed to stay in the lobby where the air quality has determined to be okay. the source of the carbon monoxide has been determined to be a boiler here, it has been isolated, shutdown the ventilating process has begun. these suites have sliding glass doors on a windy morning like this if the air is circulating well plus they have an in-house ventilation system to get the carbon monoxi
Nov 19, 2012 1:00am PST
alone, including ten members of the same family. on the other side of the border, air sirens screamed out in several cities. israel says it intercepted dozens of the nearly 150 rockets hamas fired, including two targeted at tel aviv. their shelling is intense on both sides. cnn's anderson cooper witnessed it firsthand. he's been reporting live from gaza city and earlier i was on the air with anderson when a massive explosion took place nearby. watch what happened. >> in that blast we know ten members of one family, also two media centers -- whoa. that was a rather large explosion. that occurred, look out here, i can't actually see where the impact of that was. it's actually set off a number of car alarms. but that was probably the largest explosion that we've heard just in the past, really in the past hour. there've been a numb beof explosions the past hour or two. but that one was pretty loud. we actually -- the rockets continue to be fired from gaza toward israel, about three or four hours ago there was actually a quite large rocket that was fired very close to -- went very close to
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